The Brass Verdict

 “The Brass Verdict” was another amazing legal thriller by one of my new favorite authors, Michael Connelly!  I have been looking for a smart, face paced, fiction book for so long, I began to think they no longer existed.  Coming in a close second to the amazing story of “The Lincoln Lawyer,” this book was absolutely awesome!

Michael Connelly’s two heroes, Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch, are both present in this second installment of Conelly’s legal thrillers.  This time, criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller is working with detective Harry Bosch to defend a high profile Hollywood producer, Walter Elliot, accused of murdering his wife and the man with whom she was having an affair.  As usual, Connelly plants many of the scenes in the LA courthouses, where he provides a very accurate description of how the legal process as we bounce from hearings to trial.  Connelly has crafted characters that are believable and likeable, and move the plot along in a realistic manner.

Haller inherited the Elliot case from another defense attorney who was recently killed.  As Haller prepares to defend Elliot, he realizes there is something more to the case after learning that Elliot’s former attorney had a “magic bullet” which he assured Elliot would render a not guilty verdict.  Elliot is so confident in this “get out of jail free card” that he insists on going to trial in only a few weeks even though Haller warns against it. 

To determine what is really going on with Elliot’s defense, Haller is pushed into a world on corruption and bribery, and is ultimately led to a suspect Bosch is investigating.  As the book takes twists and turns through the legal system, Haller struggles to remain honest while trying his best to free Elliot. 

I thought the book was really a great legal thriller and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the genre, and loved other legal thrillers such as “The Firm” or “The Client.”


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