The Poisonwood Bible

Kingsolver weaves a stunningly vivid tale of the Price family’s missionary trip to the Congo through the voices and perspectives of the Price women: Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May.  Through their witty and innocent observations, the Congo came to life all around me.  I could touch the red dirt, and see the thick jungle.  But as I neared page 300, I was underwhelmed by the story, which seemed to have veered off track.  While the story of a marriage proposal to Rachel to be a man’s sixth wife, and Ruth May’s onset of malaria because she stuck the malaria pills on her wall instead of swallowing them were interesting, the plot seemed to be meandering through the jungle at a pace that was hardly able to sustain my attention

When I find myself dreading to pick up a book and continue reading, I know the book must be put down.  But, I am not opposed to picking it up again at another time.


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