Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies

I laugh every time I read the title of Michelle Malkin’s book: “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his team of tax cheat, crooks, and cronies” even though the topic is hardly laughable!   Malkin’s book is well researched and well written.  She does an excellent job of succinctly discussing an immense amount of information in an enjoyable manner.  She examines absolutely everything about Obama’s presidency including the cabinet, Vice-President Biden, the First Lady and Obama’s friends to reveal the stark contrast between the president Obama claims to be and the one he truly is. 

Many Obama supporters believed that he would make a change in Washington and would fight for the people.  The book reveals the many levels of hypocrisy that have filled his entire presidency in a strong manner without reverting to sarcasm.  Malkin artfully explains that Obama is a politician, not the people’s hero, who acted in ways completely opposite to the promises he made.  For example, Obama held himself out to be the one person is Washington to have done more than anyone else to take on lobbyists.  While campaigning, he promised that lobbyists would not have a place in his administration.  Really?  Although the Obamas refuse to accept money from registered federal lobbyists, they will accept money from registered state lobbyists.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from a president who in the first two weeks of his presidency appointed seventeen former lobbyists to high positions in the administration.

There was simply no chance that Obama would actually shun lobbyists when Biden’s own son is a lobbyist at a prominent lobbying firm in Washington.  Biden, who holds himself out to be a simple man, just like any other American, is hardly simple.  He famously said that he sat around his kitchen table worrying about money just like everyone else in America.  Well, Mr. Biden, everyone else in America didn’t sit around a table in a custom built house worth more than $2 million dollars.  And their house wasn’t paid for through endorsements and political actions.   

The chapter titled, “Meet the Mess: Inside the Crooked Cabinet” examines each cabinet member and reveals the sinister practices of each member.  Many failed to pay their taxes, an issue that occurred again and again.  Malkin pulls apart the appointment of Republican Ray LaHood as Secretary of Transportation, which was done mostly to cement Obama’s position as a bipartisan who could reach across the aisle. 

She is less kind in her assessment of Obama’s appointment of Lisa Jackson.  The facts support Malkin’s opinion that Obama’s plight to appoint the first black woman to head the Environmental Protection Agency resulted in choosing a person who was not at all qualified.  Jackson came from New Jersey, where she was the  Commissioner of Environmental Protection.  Under her watch, contractors receiving illegal kick-backs from her agency was so prominent that the  Justice Department was compelled to investigate, which resulted in several guilty pleas.  The New Jersey Environmental Protection department also had the worst track record in the nation, accounting for more than one-quarter of all unresolved Superfund clean-ups more than 20 years old.

After learning of Michelle Obama’s background, she seemed appropriately suited as the wife of this president.  Born into politics in Chicago, she has a long history of symbiotic relationships with politicos that will advance her own political agenda.  Mrs. Obama was appointed by a friend to be the Executive Director of Community Affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center.  Notably, this position was created just for Mrs. Obama; no one held the position before or after her, and it has since been eliminated.  She wielded her power to bus patients who could not afford treatment at the Medical Center to clinics under the guise that she was providing minority aid.  In reality, all she did was provide a bigger opportunity for the Medical Center to treat paying patients. 

I though the book was well written and simply brimming with facts that supported every one of Malkin’s claims.  I would eagerly recommend the book to everyone I know because I think it is extremely important to be informed about who is running our country.


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