A Secret Kept

When I reached the end of “A Secret Kept” I felt relived that I had not purchased the book, but merely checked it out from the library.  De Rosnay’s  “Sarah’s Key” was so spectacular I was excited to read another work by her, which I was confident would be another masterpiece.  The book ventured off into too many directions, and the author switched the point of view too often without any warning.  The entire book was brimming with woeful situations that were too contrived and unbelievable: Melanie gets into a car crash and ruptures her spleen, her father has cancer, her brother Antoine is divorced and miserable, his daughter’s friend dies.  There were so many tragic events that they all overshadowed the book’s main plot: that Melanie and Anoine’s mother died mysteriously when they were young.  The big shocker in the book is that their mother was a lesbian who died when she fell and hit her head during a fight with their grandmother.  Overall, the book was underwhelming.  I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my time with it and would not recommend it to anyone.


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