The Help – Movie Adaptation Review

 The movie adaptation of “The Help” was spot on with the book.  The cast perfectly brought to life Stockett’s bold and imaginative tale about racial tension in the South.  Too often so much of a book’s plot is cut in order to create a movie of an acceptable length.  But this time, the movie was able to smoothly capture almost all of the plot.  Skeeter’s relationship was slightly diminished, but enough was left intact to convey the book’s message. 

Everything about the movie transported me into Stockett’s South: the clothes, the sets, the hair styles, and the speech patterns.  By not choosing obvious hollywood actors, the book was more than accurately depicted.  The actress portraying Aibileen, Viola Davis, was incredible!  It was almost as if the role was written for Davis.  If you don’t want to read the book, I would highly recommend the movie!


3 thoughts on “The Help – Movie Adaptation Review

  1. Good review…saw the movie and LOVED it! Haven’t read the book yet…trying to get through the trilogy of the “Girl with the dragon tattoo” first before I see the movie. Just finished book #1 and am halfway through book #2.


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