Amazing, intriguing, thought provoking – I really can’t say enough about Divergent.  Breakout author Veronica Roth crafted an awesome end of the world novel where everyone is divided into five factions, each with a different emphasis: truth, bravery, selflessness, knowledge, and harmony.  Beatrice grew up in faction Abnegation, where she was required to be selfless and think of others first.  At sixteen, she, like all other sixteen year olds, gets the opportunity to switch factions.  At the aptitude test to determine which fact she is most like, her tests are inconclusive because she is not one dimensional like so many of the other kids.  Because she has the traits of several factions she is labeled a Divergent.  She is warned not to tell anyone she is a Divergent, as other factions consider it dangerous.

Bored with her life where she is required to wear grey robes everyday and cannot look at herself in the mirror, (because she isn’t allowed to be concerned with looks)  she switches to the faction Dauntless.  The switch means she will no longer be permitted to see her  father and mother, because the factions do not intermix.  In Dauntless, the people are fearless and reckless, have tattoos, piercings, and multi-colored hair.  She makes a name for herself on her first day in the new faction by jumping off a building first and by changing her name to Tris.  During the weeks of initiation she is required to jump on and off moving trains, shoot a gun, and fight other initiates with her bare hands.  All of the challenges make her stronger and more aware of how truly reckless her new faction is.

One of the instructions who trains the initiates is an attractive young man called Four.  We watch as Four helps Tris master the challenges and even saves her life.  As they begin to fall for each other, Four confides in Tris that he too is Divergent. After weeks of tests, Tris is ranked first and is confirmed as a new member of Dauntless.  Upon induction, all of the Dauntless are unknowingly injected with a mind control serum that permits the leaders to force them to attack Tris’ old faction.  As Tris and Four attempt to stop the warring factions, she learns who her parents really were and how important being Divergent is.

The worst this about the Divergent book was that it is the first book in a trilogy and the second book isn’t going to be published until March! I really can’t wait for it to come out and see what happens to Tris and Four now that they have stood up against the people attempting to control all the factions.  Even though this is technically a young adult book, the plot was interesting and complicated enough to keep me excited throughout the story.  I’m thinking about reading it again, and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the Hunger Games.


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