Sarah’s Key – Movie Adaptation Review

 The movie adaptation of “Sarah’s Key” followed the book pretty closely and was surprisingly poignant.  Sarah’s story was well represented, and having most of the movie spoken in French with subtitles helped make the movie authentic.  The actress who played young Sarah handled the mature subject very well. 

But, the movie was unable to convey all the emotion contained in the artfully crafted pages.  In the book, we follow Julia around Paris as she goes to the places important to the plot: the stadium, the train station, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the memorial.  She doesn’t have to go far to find reminders of the horrible day of 1942.  But this was one aspect of the book that did not translate in the movie.  Her movements were so edited that the Parisian background melted away from the story.

Overall, I was impressed that the movie was able to capture so much of the book factually.  But, as far as the emotional elements of the plot and build up, the movie paled in comparison to the book.  I would highly recommend the book, but the movie will do for a fair substitute.


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