“Delirium” was not the young adult, end of the world book I thought it would be.  To start, the main character, Lena, was not a strong-willed character, like those that are present in “Divergent” and “The Hunger Games.”  Instead, she is content with the fact that once she turns 18, she will receive a serum that will prevent her from falling in love, which in this futuristic world causes people to go crazy.  She will then be given a list of the names of several young men who also received the serum and from the list, she will pick her husband.

I suppose I was waiting for Lena to wise up and revolt against the, obviously, corrupt government.  But instead, she defends these procedures and the intrusive government throughout much of the book.  Her friend Hana is rebellious and listens to music that is not approved by the government, and attends parties with outcasts- those who refused the serum and are shunned by the government.  Of course, Lena’s stance on the serum and on love in general changes after she meets and falls for Alex.  The teenage love relationship was mature enough to attract an older audience, and only briefly did I remember this was a YA book.

The momentum that was slowly accumulating in the beginning of the book disappeared by the middle.  It wasn’t until the last 150 pages of the book that I was really hooked!  When Lena is attacked by the government she realizes they aren’t the good guys she thought they were.  She is determined not to be injected and to run away with Alex, living in bliss even though it means being shunned from society.  She also learns that things she has been told her entire life are not true, which cements her belief that love is good.  In the end, her character does grow as she questions what the truth really is.

The book was interesting and an easy read.  I would recommend it if you borrowed it from a friend.  But, it won’t satisfy a reading looking for another Katniss, and would certainly disappoint if you had spent the $18 dollars to buy it.


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