Beautiful Darkness

The creative and energetic tale of Lena and Ethan navigating through magic and mystery that was so beautifully crafted in book one, “Beautiful Creatures” was nowhere to be found in the second book of this serious, “Beautiful Darkness.”  Lena’s despondence over the death of her uncle brought an aura of misery and coldness to the book.  This permeated the first 200 pages, as did an exhaustive recap of book one. 

Ethan’s humor and wit, which made the tales of two teenagers enjoyable, was also absent.  In the first book, I was impressed with the creative plot and that information was provided in well-timed manner.  But in this book, the characters and information they present was too contrived and unbelievable.  I found myself unwilling to journey with Lena a second time to see how she would choose between being a dark or light caster.  I also felt that the authors were trying too hard to compete with Rawlings and Meyer’s mammoth books, which resulted in a not so well written really big book.

I’m disappointed that the second book didn’t excite me as much as the first had.  I would recommend Beautiful Creatures to people who enjoy magic and fantasy, but I would warn against expectations for this one.


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