The Postmistress

Several things about “The Postmistress” made me want to love it.  The cover, the concept – that someone would take a letter from the post office before it was delivered, and the fact that “The Help” author Kathryn Stockett said she loved the book.  After 100 pages, none of those things were strong enough to make me want to continue reading.  Following three women, two living in America, and the third, a newspaper woman covering the war in London, “The Postmistress” was choppy from the start.

The book was simply too wordy and overly descriptive. Yet, nothing was happening.  Even the bombing of London couldn’t resurrect the plot.  I was disappointed that the character of the three women had not developed almost a third of the way through the book.  I never felt connected with the story, and found the writing too stark to be understandable. 

What a disappointment.  I obviously could not recommend the book.


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