The Death Cure

The final book of “The Maze Runner” Trilogy provided a rewarding ending for Thomas and his friends.  Having made it through “The Scorch Trial,” Thomas is fed up with “WICKED” and their tests.  He, and several others, stage a daring escape from the compound they are in, only to realize, they don’t know where to go.  They travel to Denver, which is home to people who are immune from the flare disease ravaging the population, and also houses a compound for people suffering from the flare. 


Once there, Thomas and the others meet up with “The Right Arm,” a group who is battling against WICKED, and seeks the help of the boys.  After Thomas agrees to help them, he surrenders himself to WICKED hoping he can pass the next test before The Right Arm attacks the building.  But when he learns that WICKED wants to perform a lobotomy on him- he breaks free with the help of WICKED insiders.  Forced to help others who are immune and stuck in the original maze, Dashner takes Thomas back to the Glade for a perfect ending.  I was happy that in the final pages, Dashner reveals whether WICKED really is good.

This final book did not contain a test like those present in the first two books, and instead focused on resolving all the issues created in the trilogy.  Because this book took place outside of a control area, the boys had their first glimpse of how the flare turnedordinary people into zombie like crazies!  With the same creativity present in the first two books, the third book was an interesting journey through what closely resembled the end of the world!

Overall, the trilogy was exciting and daring!  It was an interesting read, and all three of the books contained solid plots that were written with sophistication and developed well.  In thinking about the trilogy as a whole, I was pleasently surprised with the entire storyline and the characters.  Even though these are deemed Young Adult books, the writing was more mature than many mass produced books purchased by adults.  I would highly recommend the trilogy to those seeking something new and different.


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