“The Zombie Survival Guide” Prepared Me, What About You?

 I am now completely prepared for when Zombies invade my city!  Max Brooks’ book, “The Zombie Survival Guide,”  was highly creative and well thought out.  He described absolutely everything someone would need to know about how to stay alive in a world overrun by Zombies by explaining how to choose a weapon, how to create a fortress, and how to survive on the run.  Although the book is written in a serious, matter of fact manner, Brooks infuses plenty of comedic quips that made me actually laugh out loud.  Written as if Zombies exist and are attacking people, Brooks includes many first person accounts of what works, and what doesn’t work, to kill Zombies.  This style of writing gave the book credibility and made it extremely enjoyable to read. 

 Zombies are created by a virus called Solanum, which has no known cure.  Within several hours, it will kill the cells in a human body and create a Zombie.  Since a Zombie is a decaying human, Zombies will only live 2-3 years until they completely decompose.  Though they do not breathe, the sound of the air escaping from their lungs frequently makes a low groaning sound.  They have excellent sight and hearing, and are drawn toward human flesh- which they eat.  They are not very coordinated and move very slowly, which is why you will almost always be able to out run a Zombie.

The only living part of a Zombie is the brain, so it is necessary to kill a Zombie by damaging its head.  Chopping off a Zombie’s head with an axe is the most effective way to kill it, but shooting it in the head or bashing its head with a sledge-hammer will also work.  Brooks explains in detail the advantages and disadvantages to every weapon imaginable.  But remember that when killing a Zombie it is extremely important not to get any of its blood or guts on you- this will infect you with the Solanum and turn you into a Zombie. 

I wasn’t sure if I would like this book, and when I saw it in the bookstore I thought it looked sort of stupid.  But when I realized I had a smile plastered on my face for the first few pages, I knew the easy writing style and the ridiculous content would be entertaining.  It was!  I enjoyed well thought out survival tips and highly recommend the book to everyone, particularly those looking for something new and exciting.  You wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared when Zombies attack, would you?


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