Zone One

After reading Max Brooks’ hilarious book, “The Zombie Survival Guide”  I was armed with the knowledge of how Zombies are created and how best to kill them. Fully prepared to battle Zombies, I was ready to do so in “Zone One” in the streets of New York.  The first 25 pages could only be described as a regurgitation of an idea about Zombies without any excitement.  The plot, if one could call it that, went in too many directions and lacked focus. 

Although the search party did come across five Zombies in a high-rise , I was disappointed that the Zombies were mindless robots who ran into walls, rather than flesh-eating Zombies who terrorized humans, like the ones we see in video games.  I thought this decision really prevented the book from being the interesting novel it could have been.  By making the Zombies these weak creatures, it was really boring to read.  Based on what I read early on, I couldn’t imagine that the book would get much better.  It might have, but I wasn’t about to stick around to find out.

I also can’t stand books with extremely long chapters, and when I realized the book was separated into parts, with the first part at nearly 80 pages, I knew I couldn’t read it.  Yes, I am that picky!  Couldn’t read it, and so I can’t recommend it.


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