The Translation of the Bones

Despite the theme of religion in ‘”The Translation of the Bones” I thought it would be thought-provoking and different.  It is the story of a woman who sees a statue of Jesus bleeding one day while she is cleaning it, and through her experience, it brings several parishioners closer to the church.

It was slightly hard to read, as the author refused to include any quotation marks to identify when a character was talking.  Kay also did not break up the book into chapters, but separated the segments devoted to different characters by a few spaces.  I suppose one could argue that this style made the book flow more easily, as it was one continuous story.  But for someone who likes chapters, me, this was extremely frustrating!

I was turned off by some of the characters early on.  Stella is in a loveless marriage and lonely for her son.  She recalls when he was young and she would creep into his room at night and watch him sleep.  Though the act was obviously done with love, when she longs for him as a teenager it came across as creepy and it made her look pathetic.  It found myself not wanting to read about her, or the other characters.

Something about the book just didn’t interest me enough early on, and I closed it.  So I obviously would not recommend it.


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