The Peach Keeper

 I was pleasantly surprised with “The Peach Keeper.”   When Paxton’s family purchases The Blue Ridge Madam- she intends to renovate it in time for a summer party to celebrate the inception of the ladies society that was founded there.  As a Southern socialite and president of the society, Paxton couldn’t be more different from Willa, who never left their small town and runs a sporting goods store.  Unlike their grandmothers, who were best friends decades ago and founded the ladies society together.  But Paxton and Willa are thrust together then the renovations reveal a skeleton on the property and it appears that their grandmothers may know how it got there!

The plot was well-timed, and filled with enough surprises to keep the story interesting.  At several points in the book, I found myself surprised by the plot turns.  The characters were enjoyable to follow and seemed realistic.  Willa and Paxton not only grow as women, but grow-up as they learn dark truths about their family, and the Blue Ridge Madam.  It was a pleasant journey watching them  become friends and fall in love.  What I particularly liked about the book was that the plot unfolded naturally.  A character didn’t suddenly enter – that we had not seen from before- who resolved everything.

The writing style of the book made it effortless to read, while still immensely enjoyable.   The dialogue between the characters was conversational and natural.  I thought the author spent a little too much time on alluding to the fact that one character had a reputation for being gay, although he was not.  And there were also a few too many discussions about what the characters had done in high school.

Overall, the book was a perfect mix of ghost story, Southern social pressure, and friendship.  I liked the book, and would recommend it as a light read.


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