The Boy In The Suitcase

 “The Boy In The Suitcase” is a compelling story that propels the reader through Eastern Europe.  When Nina is asked by her friend to pick up something from an airport locker, she has no idea a little boy will be in the suitcase she finds there.  What started out as a story about human trafficking quickly turned more sinister and deadly.  The book was creative and interesting, reading more like an actual account than a fictional novel.

Things begin to unravel when the man set to pick up the money for delivering the suitcase is faced with an empty locker.  Determined to punish those who betrayed him, he sets out to kill Nina and her friend.  I was somewhat puzzled when Nina didn’t immediately take the boy to the authorities, but tried to find his mother on her own instead.  The authors divided the book into chapters of the main characters, which provides several perspectives of the  kidnapping that culminate into a thriller.

The writing style was easy to read, and the plot was well timed.  I found the setting to be perfect for the plot, which added legitimacy to the story.  I particularly enjoyed Nina’s wit and sarcasm, which added the perfect amount of humor to such a serious subject.  Sirita is also a compelling character, as her quest to find her son is believable and heart wrenching.

I was pleasantly surprised with the book, which had many twists and turns.  I would recommend it.


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