“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Was Beyond Impressive

I couldn’t be more impressed with the clever writing of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!”  I actually tried reading this last year but wasn’t in the mood for a vampire story, and closed the book.  (Mood is a big deal with me when it comes to books).  This time around, the book was a perfect dark tale of vampires, with a young Abraham Lincoln as the protagonist.  The inclusion of well-known facts about Lincoln’s life added legitimacy to the story, and made the book read like an extremely exciting biography, rather than a work of (mostly) fiction.

After learning that vampires killed members of his family, Lincoln sets out to destroy as many vampires as he can.  During one such quest, he is attacked and saved by another vampire, Henry.  Lincoln and Henry share the same hatred for vampires who prey on innocent victims, such as children.  Henry and Lincoln devise a strategy where Henry will lead Lincoln to vampires that deserve to die, and Lincoln will kill them.  Lincoln slowly enlists his friends to help, including Seward – who was also attacked the night Lincoln was shot.  Henry plays a large role in Lincoln’s life, and in his political achievements, which was interesting and very original.

The time period was an excellent setting for this tale because of how physically underdeveloped the U.S. was.  It seemed perfectly natural that a vampire would be on a ferry-boat and stop to attack someone in the woods.  I also liked that it seemed normal for Lincoln to use an ax to kill vampires, particularly given his well-known abilities when it came to chopping timber.  The plot used slavery in a clever way to advance the story and was well  intertwined with historical events.  I particularly liked that the author made Jefferson Davis a vampire, as well as much of the Confederate army.  The use of the classic picture of Abraham Lincoln on the cover (especially the back cover) was literally dripping with cleverness.

I really enjoyed this book.  It was well written, exciting, and historical all at the same time.  There was constant action, as the story is absolutely packed with vampire encounters.  I would recommend it to everyone, but think those looking for a good biography with a little pizzazz would enjoy it even more.


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