“The Hunger Games” Movie Captured All The Excitement of the Book

 I was absolutely thrilled that the movie adaptation of “The Hunger Games” stayed so close to Suzanne Collins’ tale of courage and strength.  Reading the book prior to seeing the movie is not necessary, although I always try to do it!  Jennifer Lawrence brought Katniss Everdeen’s character to life better than I could have imagined.  Lawrence’s ability to capture mature qualities of a young character made her perfect for the role of Katniss.  

The stark contrast between life in the districts and life at the Capitol was brilliantly executed through the costumes and make-up.  Elizabeth Banks was amazing as Effie Trinket!  She was almost unrecognizable, and really took the potential of the character to new heights.  Though the book is quite graphic, the movie did tone down the multiple killings while still showing enough for the story to be exciting.  Everything about the scenes in the actual arena were perfect:  the music, the weapons, the injuries, the interactions.  Condensing the book into a 2 hour movie did not compromise the tale of courage and oppression at all.

My biggest complaint is that Peeta was awful- in every way. He was not cute, he was not a good actor, he did not help tell the story.  But, if he was the biggest disappointment than I suppose the movie was a success!  I also felt that the motivation behind the “star-crossed lovers” plot was not well-developed, and as a result, it would be difficult to understand the full extent of this subplot without having read the book.

It made me want to read the book again.  I really loved it and can’t wait for the next movie in the series!  

Have you see “The Hunger Games?”  What did you think?


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