Combining Austen and Zombies Made “Dawn Of The Dreadfuls” Delightful

 I will admit, I’ve had my doubts about having Jane Austen’s characters fight Zombies, but the Zombie books I’ve been reading lately have been so good, I decided to give it a chance.  Written by Hockensmith,”Dawn of the Dreadfuls” was perfect, and who wouldn’t adore the cover art?  He managed to capture both the enchanting language used by Austen and the character traits of her beloved Bennet family, which created a really enjoyable tale! 

The plot was perfectly balanced with Zombie encounters and the flirtatious scenes between would be lovers that is so characteristically Austen.  The result was a fanciful and delightful experience.  When Zombies descend upon Netherfield, Mr. Bennet tells his daughters they must follow in his footsteps and become Zombie hunters.  As the five women master weaponry and combat strategies, they become daring and proud.  Their skills attract the attention of the eligible men surrounding them, while simultaneously making them social outcasts.  Shunned from a ball, Mr. Bennet is determined to rehabilitate his daughters’ reputation by making them respected Zombie hunters and protectors.     

As a  prequel, the story resolves how the Bennets become Zombie hunters- something “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” doesn’t really ever address.  The story’s focus on themes of duty and social standing, rather than on the adored pride theme was still very much in line with Austen characteristics. The story was enchanting and exciting, focusing on the love and Zombies that Elizabeth and Jane Bennet encounter.  Austen’s intricate plots were not present here, but the story was still action packed with enough to keep the reader alert. 

The book was enjoyable and would satisfy any reader who, like me, loves Jane Austen and Zombies.  I would highly recommend it!


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