“Monday Mornings” Provides A Rare Look Into Medical Malpractice

In “Monday Mornings,” Sanjay Gupta takes the reader into the sacred meetings of medical professionals where they discuss botched procedures and patient deaths.  Having attempted to subpoena records from these meetings before, and having been refused, I know that the documentation of these meetings is guarded with immense confidentiality.  The idea is that allowing doctors to speak openly about problems they encountered during a procedure will prevent the same error in the future.  Gupta’s rare account of what transpires on “Monday Mornings” was both moving and interesting.

The book was a mix of personal narratives, medical procedures, and Monday morning inquires.  I was slightly disappointed with the brevity of the Monday morning meetings.  I suppose I was expecting a longer and more in depth inquiry, but this was rendered unnecessary because Gupta spent considerable time explaining the procedure and error prior to the meeting.  Due to the nature of the book, it was slightly hard to comprehend the medical procedures being described.  There were portions of the book where I understood only the general idea of what was happening – a result of not knowing the medical name for every part of the body.  Obviously, Gupta couldn’t include a definition of every medical word he used, but I felt the terminology would be a barrier to some readers.  

I’ve categorized this book as Fiction, since the doctors and patients were not real, but Gupta did write this book from experience, and has expressed that the characters and events were modeled after real events.  This non-fiction element is particularly frightening when a doctor’s privileges are revoked because he continues to kill his patients and doesn’t show any remorse or emotion about the deaths.  At the same time, it was comforting to know how devastating a patient’s death could be to a doctor.   

I thought the book was very interesting, although I don’t think many people would want to read this.  If you are at all interested in the medical field, you would probably like it.


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