“The Bungalow” Is The Perfect First Summer Read

“The Bungalow” was the perfect book to start off summer.  Faced with marrying a man she’s only somewhat attracted to, Anne decides to take the plunge of a lifetime by becoming an Army nurse and shipping off to the U.S. base in Tahiti with her best friend.   Though the backdrop for the story was quite serious, the easy writing style and the vivid imagery of the island made this book a pleasant summer read.  I enjoyed following Anne as she went against her instincts, and good breeding, to discover herself and fall in love.

I was more impressed with this second book of Jio’s than her first, “The Violets of March.”  The story was more fluid, as most of the book tells the story of the budding romance of nurse Anne and private Westry as they prepare for WWII to descend upon the base, rather than telling it in cryptic peices like her first book.  I also appreciated the ending, which was unlikely yet very satisfying.  the character of Anne’s best friend became a little predictable and trite, but generally, the characters were interesting enough to make the book very enjoyable.

I really liked this book and would recommend it to most of the females I know.  It was a grown up love story that was thoroughly enjoyable, as opposed to some of the fluffy romantic novels that are full of predictable characters and plots.


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