Haven’t We All Thought We Were “Switched” At Birth

Wendy’s mother doesn’t think Wendy’s her real daughter, and when Wendy is six years old her mother tries to kill her!  So it isn’t that strange when Wendy is approached by a young man named Finn ten years later and tells her she really was switched at birth.  She is a troll Princess, not a human, and he has come to take her back to her kingdom where she will reclaim her family’s throne.  Wendy refuses to go with him, but ultimately has no choice when several people who oppose her kingdom try to kidnap her.  The fantasy novel was light and enjoyable for a quick read.

The book was predictable but pleasant.  Wendy is trying to learn about her new life, but can’t seem to get anyone to tell her much.  She knows that in her kingdom there is a class system and that many people who are royals used to be very powerful but now are not.  While her romance with Finn blossoms, she is disturbed to find out that Troll children are switched with human children and placed in wealthy families so that the Trolls can bring the human wealth back to the Troll community.  After the palace is stormed by evil forces, and Finn is banished from the kingdom, Wendy decides she has had enough and returns to her human home.

I don’t know that I would have picked up this book had it not been the only book that seemed mildly interesting in a store where I had to use store credit.  But, despite the simplistic plot and language, it was a pleasurable read one afternoon out in the sun.  I would recommend it to someone who is in middle school.  (I’m not joking).


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