Will Becoming An “Insurgent” Destroy Tris?

The sequel to “Divergent” follows Tris as she becomes an “Insurgent” and aligns with members of other factions to fight the evil powers intent on destroying everything she knows.  The first book was fresh and new, and the reader followed Beatrice as she left the her home faction, Abegnation, to be a Dauntless member known as Tris.  In this book, readers watch as the relationship between Tris and Four develops, and as Tris become a breakout leader of the Factionless.  There was no shortage of fighting, mind control, and simulations, which would satisfy readers who enjoyed those elements in “Divergent.”

The plot with packed with double crosses, double agents, and secrets.  But at certain points in the book these story lines overshadowed the entire plot, and it became a bit confusing to follow who was aligned with who.  But overall, Roth delivered the same direct and poignant writing that made “Divergent” so successful.  Tris also bonds with her brother and learns the extent of his role in the ensuing chaos.  The ending not only delivers surprises about characters, but also about the direction the third book will take.

There was the usual amount of time spent explaining what happened in the first book.  I always wonder why an author spends so much of a second book in a trilogy rehashing the first book.  Are there really people out there who would pick up the second book without having read the first?  Who would do that?  Anyone who liked “Divergent” must read “Insurgent!”  Can’t wait for the final story to unfold.


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