Vampires and Werewolves Should Beware The “Soulless” Spinster and Her Parasol!

“Soulless” was a clever and witty story of Alexia, a soulless and self proclaimed spinster, as she battles vampires and werewolves with her parasol! The story, set in England during the early part of the century, allowed Alexia to battle not only the supernatural, but normal social requirements of a young lady as well.  Alexia is thrust into the world of the supernatural when attacked by a vampire at a party, whom she kills with her parasol.  But developing feelings for a vampire and having a werewolf as a friend presents problems when the two forces clash and she is forced to choose sides.

In this progressive society, the supernatural are accepted and regulated by their own organization.  Things spiral out of control when vampires and werewolves begin disappearing, and new uncivilized vampires without any manners begin appearing.  What else can Alexia do but get involved and help solve the situation.  Carriger’s word choice embodies both the formality of the time, but also dripped with witty remarks!  The heroine was simply delightful to follow, as she observes much more of society than those around her credit her with.

The book was recommended to me, and I in turn, would also recommend it to anyone longing for a classy tale of the supernatural!  I’m looking forward to reading other books in this series.


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