Weak Characters Ruined The Potential Of “Women Of The Silk”

“Women of the Silk” focused on Pei’s life after being taken to work in a silk factory as a young girl in a voice that evoked true Asian culture.  I was surprised though that the novel,  which claimed to be about a woman who stands up to inhumane working conditions in a Chinese silk factory, hardly contained any rioting at all.  The author devoted little time to that storyline, and united the women in a union and resulting strike in only a few pages.  This disappointed me because I had been waiting for this moment and anticipating when Pei’s weak character would give way to a strong women who would lead the riot, but it never happened.  By this point in the book I was frustrated with Pei and it was too hard to continue watching the main character shy away from taking control of her life.  Filled with many plots and characters that all created a world around Pei, these subplots were interesting, but also detracted from her own storyline by providing too much background about lesser characters.  Initially I liked the book, but as I got further in the nuances I’ve described iterated me to the point that I didn’t even care what happened to Pei and stopped reading.  I would pass on this book, mainly because there are so many other books in this genre that are much better


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