Impeccable Story Makes “Gone Girl” A Thrilling Murder Mystery

“Gone Girl” was the most imaginative and thrilling murder mystery I have ever read.  This truely psychological, and at times pyscho, story was intelligent and extremely well planned.  Like “The Usual Suspects” or “The 6th Sense” explaining too much would ruin the story, but when I finished reading, I was stunned and wanted to reread the novel to see what I had missed the first time.  The author honed her ability to tell a story through the characters of both Nick and Amy after Amy’s disappearance on the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary.  Both have secrets that are revealed to the reader at what seems like the perfect time.  Neither character is particularly likable, but with so much intrigue surrounding Amy’s disappearance it is simply impossible to stop reading.

The book is quite honestly indescribable, and left me stunned.  The writing was perfect and easily captured the voices of both Nick and Amy, blending effortlessly to create an addicting tale.  The story had was so descriptive it felt real at times, and in this manner reminded me of other well written crime works such as “Into The Woods.”  Through Amy’s journal the reader learns about the life she had with Nick and what could have possibly gone wrong.  The ending might not satisfy some readers, but I say everyone got what they deserved, and overall the story was unique and amazing.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in murder mysteries or thrillers.


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