“The Buddha” Should Have Stayed “In The Attic”

“The Buddha In The Attic” tells the story of many Asian women who come to America looking to improve their lives through arranged marriages.  They did not know that they men they are engaged to lied about absolutely everything about themselves, and that their lives in America would be nothing like they anticipated.  The book tells how the women thought they would have beautiful homes, but actually they live in squalor on the farms where their husbands are employed as ranch hands and fruit pickers.  The writing style of the book, which reads like a history of female Asian immigrants, did an excellent job portraying their lives and the hardships they faced.  However, the author never focused on a single character, which made it difficult for me to really identify with the story.  There wasn’t anyone to root for, or watch, and I became bored with the story’s global perspective.  Ultimately, the format pushed me away.  I didn’t finish it and wouldn’t recommend it.


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