Weak Writing Failed To Tell Amazing Story Of “The Good Daughter”

“The Good Daughter” was an amazing story of how one women overcame the oppressive life imposed on her at a young age in Iran.  Sold into marriage by her father when she was only 13, her husband was abusive and controlling.  Forced out of school, she had a daughter soon after.  She soon realized that the only way to escape the life forced upon her is to leave Iran, and her daughter.  The story was very interesting but the writing made it difficult to really enjoy the story.  A bit too factual, the story lacked any real momentum despite the shocking story it related.  I attribute this also to the writing style, which never seemed to portray the emotions of the characters.  There were so many small storylines that didn’t go anywhere, and so much detail given to minutia that I lost interest.  I wouldn’t recommend it based on the structure of the writing which detracted too much from the story.  I would read several other books in this genre before picking up this one.


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