Mystical Forces Of “The Night Circus” Were Dashed By Ending

“Night Circus” was the most disappointing book I’ve read lately.  Initially, I thought I would love it because the rich writing portrayed a world that touched every sense, and the characters who were part of the circus were strange and intriguing.  The author focused on the lights, colors, smells, and fabric of the circus in a mystical way that was realistic and exciting.   Celia and Marcus are forced into a competition that binds them to be part of a circus that begins at midnight and closes at dawn.  But, the competition is never explained and never resolved, and ultimately he author failed to explain so many things that the ending was not an ending at all.   I have never felt so cheated by a book!  It took me days to recover.   I am just too frustrated with the depleted plot to even talk about this book again.


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