Which Of Lexi’s Lives In “Remember Me” Is The One She Should Be Living?

Sophie Kinsella’s easy writing style perfectly captured the scattered story of Lexi after she wakes up in the hospital after a car crash and can’t remember the last three years of her life in “Remember Me?” A few pages in, I immediately remembered how much I liked Kinsella’s easy writing and sassy characters.  This time the heroine is not as ditzy as Rebecca Bloomwood, appealing to an older audience.  When Lexi realizes she now has the perfect life, she can’t believe her luck.  But her perfect life might not be as perfect as it first appears.  She has alienated her friends, trampled her coworkers to get ahead at work, and become a total glamazon.

Anyone wanting to follow a smart and funny heroine would love following Lexi as she tries to remember who she was, and discover who she really is.  While she tries to determine if she actually married Mr. Right, another man appears in her life who could change everything.  Even though the book is fanciful, the author examines what it means to “have it all” and whether the cost to do so is worth it.  Lexi is shocked when she realizes that in the last three years she has been making herself conform to certain standards, rather than actually being true to herself.  With such a timeless theme, the book was thought provoking and funny at the same time.

This was a breezy and light story that was perfect for summer.  I enjoyed it and know Kinsella’s fans would too!


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