Watching The “Bond Girl” Navigate Wall Street In Heels Was Never More Fun!

The sophisticated theme and plot of “Bond Girl” gave this book the perfect twist.  With each page, I liked “Bond Girl” more and more.  Alex was a strong female character, who decided she wanted to work on wall street before she was ten years old.  When she landed a job in a top financial firm, she had no idea what her job would entail.  Forced to run crazy errands around Manhattan, Alex struggles to impress her demanding boss.  In this respect, the book reminded me a lot of “The Devil Wears Prada” but had a solid plot of its own.

The characters seemed as if they were based on actual people, which gave the book a realistic quality.  At times it seemed almost too realistic; who hasn’t had a boss like Alex’s?  I particularly likes that the author made a job on wall street humorous by describing the practical jokes so prevalent between coworkers of the financial institutions.  Like turning an order for 8 boxes of girl scout cookies into an order for 80.  The reviews online were not kind to this book at all, but most of the low reviews were by people who thought they would learn about trading bonds with this work of fiction.  I can’t imagine who would think a fictional novel would teach anyone about the actual workings of wall street!  The romantic element was not typical, and the author achieved plots twists that kept surprising me.

I identified with Alex because she was so determined and driven, which is why the ending was not what I wanted for her.  Frankly, I found it utterly disappointing.  Although some readers might like her decision and say she is being true to herself.  I saw her choice as being weak, which I believe has become a far too common trait of female characters in literature.  Overall, I liked it, and believe the book would particularly appeal to someone who liked “The Devil Wears Prada” and has been looking for a sequel.


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