“Sharp Objects” Are Necessary When You Suspect Your Mother Is A Serial Killer

When I reached the end of the book, I was certain I would have nightmares.  The seriously disturbed family in “Sharp Objects” is twisted and gruesome, making the book a horror story rather than a murder mystery.  Flynn packed the book with creepy characters, multiple murders, a serial killer, self-mutilation, and much more.  While “Sharp Objects” had shock value, it was not a particularly well written novel.  The main character was not likable and the plot was thin.  But, I will admit that I did have to finish the book to see who murdered and mutilated two young girls.  Of all the Gillian Flynn books I have read, I liked this one the least.  I enjoyed Flynn’s “Gone Girl” even though the characters were slightly crazy because the plot was so original and devilishly clever.   I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into with this book, and I hope my warning helps you avoid this book if you would be equally disturbed by a true American horror story.  If you are someone who likes deviant behavior and strange characters, this book  is probably just what you are looking for!


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