The Spirit Of A “Twenties Girl” Is Just What Lara’s Modern Life Needs!

“Twenties Girl” was by far the best Sophie Kinsella book outside of the “Shopaholic” series.  Written with purpose, every detail comes together to create an entertaining book about love, friendship, family, greed, and the twenties!  The main character, Lara, is suddenly haunted by her great-aunt Sadie moments before Sadie is to be buried.  When Sadie says she can’t rest until Lara finds her beloved dragonfly necklace, Lara stalls the funeral to help her great-aunt.  Sadie has all the spunk of a true flapper from the 1920’s, and her idea of fun quickly fills Lara’s life with havoc as Lara dashes around London to help solve the mystery of the lost necklace.

This novel had a really strong plot that supported the overall story, unlike so many novels where things happen too quickly without any buildup.  The ending was surprising and well thought out.  The twenties theme was present, but did not overpower the story.  Actually, it was a refreshing way to include the charm of a prior time into a story taking place in the present.  It was comical to see Lara follow Sadie’s instructions to prepare for a date as if it were the 1920’s.  Though Lara’s patience is tested as she investigates the circumstances surrounding the missing necklace, Sadie ultimately guides Lara to the perfect man and a successful career.

I loved the book!  It was a perfect read for the summer and I encourage anyone who enjoys Kinsella’s easy writing to pick it up.


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