The Filthy Rich Flirt With Love Affairs in “Gilded Age”

If you have ever wondered what life would be like if your social circle replicated the type of people in a Tommy Hilfiger add, “Gilded Age” is an opportunity to find out. Following Cleveland’s elite society in the revamped version of Edith Warton’s, “The House of Mirth,” Claire McMillan brilliantly captured the essence of the original classic in a manageable way.  The writing was perfect and evoked a sense of pedigree that surrounded all the characters.  Following Ellie as she danced between intimate soirées and grand parties at the expansive estates of her wealthy friends was a true journey into how Cleveland’s upper class live.  But, despite the intricate details that evoked the 1920’s pristine society, the plot was not that captivating.  It evolved at a glacial pace and culminated in events that were less than shocking.  It was an acceptable summer read for those who appreciate strong writing but desire a light story that would not require much thought.

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