“The Last Child” Kidnapped Is The Catalyst For Johnny’s Quest

Thirteen year old Johnny was the perfect protagonist in “The Last Child” to continue the search of his missing twin sister, Alyssa, even when the cops have given up.  His resolve to find her requires that he ditch school and systematically interview neighbors everyday using a wrinkled map he always carries with him.  His search finally gains the attention of the police when a man is hit by a car and utters a cryptic message that he “found the girl they are looking for.”  Convinced the dying man is referencing his sister, he convinces the police to renew the search for Alyssa.

The author managed to make Johnny a believable character that advanced the plot very well despite his age.  Detective Hunt is the strong cop who has never stopped looking for Alyssa or looking out for Johnny.  His character was the classic cop who alienated his family with his determination to find Alyssa, and in this respect the author fell into an easy character sketch.  The search for Alyssa leads Johnny on a trail that was packed with murders.  Yet, I found that the abundance of crazed characters, shootings, and dead bodies melded together perfectly to create a unique and believable mystery.  There were plenty of suspects presented for the reader’s consideration of who the kidnapper was, and the truth of Alyssa’s disappearance was refreshingly clever.

The book bounced between the perspectives of several characters that formed a solid overview of the tense situation.  The writing was very vivid and strong.  This was a good crime thriller that I would highly recommend.


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