Where Will You Find “The Last Letter From Your Lover”?

“The Last Letter From Your Lover” was such a compelling love story that I read it in one afternoon!  There was literally something on every page that catapulted me to the next.  A romantic whirlwind of a journey, the book was amazing.  Filled with characters and events that were truthful, the story seemed like a real love story.  Jennifer Sterling was an honest character that I liked from the moment she awoke in the hospital with a head injury and amnesia.  As she tries to settled back into her charmed New York life, she finds a love letter from someone who is quite obviously not her husband.  Stunned that she had an affair before her accident, she struggles to discover who her “lover” was and why she was drawn toward him in the first place.

The writing was clear and focused, with enough emotion to satisfy anyone craving a good heroine facing a difficult time.  The author provided plenty of men who could all be the “lover” and kept the reader guessing who it was just long enough to make the book interesting.  The book moved back and forth between several time frames, but the author provided enough warning to the reader that the transitions were not difficult.  Having the story a bit jumbled actually told the story in a much better way than a linear timeline.  Ultimately, I was satisfied with the ending, but some of Jennifer’s choices only served to highlight the social constraints placed on women.  Though set in London, the city was hardly an element to the book, and could have played a larger role.  The theme of being true to oneself and chasing your heart’s desire was magnified in an extraordinarily clever way.

This was one of the better books I’ve read in the last few weeks.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed “Remember Me?” or “The Vow” – and frankly, this was the better amnesia story of the three works.


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