“The Reversal” Perfectly Highlights Mickey Haller’s Legal Prowess

 I am constantly impressed with Michael Connelly’s legal thrillers.  Ah, if only all lawyers were like Mickey Haller in “The Reversal.” Determined to fight the good fight, Mickey teams up with his prosecutor ex-wife to ensure a convicted child molester stays behind bars. Connelly writes with legal precision that only comes from being a lawyer himself.  The courtroom scenes are surprisingly accurate, and enhanced with just the right amount of flair to create a captivating dramatic tale.  There isn’t any other way to say it: Connelly has mastered the legal thriller genre.

I liked that Connelly put Mickey together with Detective Bosch for this installation of his lawyer series.  The dialogue is crisp enough to make the lawyers seem real like real lawyers, but also earthy and realistic, which humanizes the characters.  Haller is such an energetic and engaging lawyer, that I can’t help but be swept up in the cases.  I certainly don’t work with any lawyers who have Mickey’s passion or charisma, but wish I did.  As in all Connelly’s books, he presented enough information to keep me guessing as to the innocence of the convict, and threw in a few red herrings just to mix things up.  With the same compelling storytelling that made “The Lincoln Lawyer” an international hit, the paths of all the characters converge for a fulfilling and thrilling ending.

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to continue reading the series.  Anyone who misses the quality of books Grisham used to write would be more than satisfied with Connelly’s entertaining plots and solid writing.


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