The Social Scene In “Diva” Rivals “The Great Gatsby”

The third installment of the “Vixen” series was a bit disjointed because it didn’t really read as a third book in a trilogy.  When, unrealistically, Gloria is asked to spy on a notorious character in the flapper scene, her life becomes wrapped up in deception once again.  Clara and Marcus’ relationship is really the only aspect that continues on from the first book.  The speakeasy scene played a notably lesser role in this book, as the characters spend more time at raging parties on the East Coast.  In this respect, the plot took on more of a “Great Gatsby” type theme, which was still enjoyable, but different.

After reading the entire series, what I found lacking was any real friendship among the women.  Although Larkin provides three strong women, she never allows any of them to be friends.  In “Ingenue” I had hoped that Clara and Gloria would figure out that they each were seeking the same life and become friends, but it never happened. While I was happy to see the women finally work together toward a common goal near the end of “Diva,” I wished this camaraderie had occurred sooner.  Ultimately, I was satisfied with the happy endings Clara and Gloria achieve.  The transformation of Lorraine back to a “good” character occurs when she assists Clara in her quest to reunite with Marcus, sort of came out of nowhere, but was made for a tidy ending.  Packed with intrigue, the book was again a light and enjoyable read.

I enjoyed the series, but with any trilogy, the first book was the best.


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