If “The King Of Lies” Was A Piece Of Meat…

If “The King Of Lies” was a piece of meat, I would say it was “chewy.”  After finding Hart’s other work “The Last Child” a stunning and well written mystery, I was disappointed with “The King Of Lies.”   I was really put off with the writing in this book, which was so overdone that it seemed forced and took immense effort to read.   There was no flow to the writing, and I realized I wouldn’t be able to continue.  Yes, I do feel a bit like Goldilocks when I read: these sentences are too choppy, and these are too intricate.  I believe that an element to great writing is being able to connect with a reader by presenting a story in a manageable way, which was not done here.  The plot, characters, and other aspects seemed strong enough to make the book interesting, but I won’t comment upon them too much because I didn’t finish the book.  If you can get past the writing, and enjoy Hart’s book, this one might work for you.


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