Shhhhhh! Keep This “Best Kept Secret”

It was alarmingly easy for Cadence to become an alcoholic of predominantly red wine when the stress of life urged her to have a drink each evening to calm down. So was it wrong to read “Best Kept Secret” while drinking a glass of red wine?  The writing was strong, but I never connected with Cadence.  I found it somewhat ridiculous that she would end up in AA after only a few instances of drunkenness.  I suppose leaving her five year old alone in her house while she runs to the store to buy more wine is horrible, but I didn’t believe that rose to a level of neglect that was so severe as to cause her to lose custody of her son.  I felt the interactions with her child were true, but boring and too elementary.  The author also packed Cadence’s life full of over played events: a father who abandons her and doesn’t know how to be a dad, a loveless marriage that ends in divorce, a vindictive mother-in-law…  I suppose the author’s point is that alcoholism can sneak up on anyone, but the plot was a little over exaggerated for me to really buy into it.  Although I didn’t connect with the story, I do have to thank Heather for thinking I would enjoy this and lending me the book!


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