Guard Your Art! “The Swan Thieves” Are Loose!

th “The Swan Thieves” started off pretty well, with artist Robert attacking a painting in the National Museum in Washington.  Moving between the perspective of the psychiatrist tasked with helping Robert, Robert’s mistress, and his ex-wife, the author weaves together a tale of a tortured artist struggling to be great.  But, the stories about Robert and the other characters’ lives were only mildly interesting.  The historical element to the story, which took place in Paris in the late 1800’s, popped up from time to time but lacked any excitement.  Told through letters, the author focused on an ailing father rather than the famed “Swan Thieves” painting.  After reading 600 pages, I would have expected a much better ending.  The big surprise finish was underwhelming, and not worthy of the effort to obtain it.  Ultimately, this book was disappointing.


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