Only “Savages” Would Act This Way

Absolutely thrilling, “Savages” propelled me through the drug world as three young people get caught up with drug lords when they refuse to acquiesce to their demands.  Ben and Chon are courageous and tenacious, which makes their attempts to save Ophelia exciting.  I especially liked that the book’s setting was Southern California, and that the characters went to several places I frequent, such as South Coast Plaza.  The familiarity of the locations allowed me to connect to the story in a unique way.  Fans of James Patterson and similar type novels would appreciate this mass market book.  (Can you hear the distain in my voice as the words ‘mass market’ drop from my lips?)  Short scenes filled with sex, drugs, and violence, would satisfy readers looking for a fast paced action novel.  But due to the basic writing that lacked any real depth, I neither identified, nor sympathized with any of the characters.  My feelings didn’t change even after Ophelia was kidnapped.  This, coupled with the fact that there wasn’t any deeper meaning hiding in the plot made the book a bit unidentifiable.  I would place this novel squarely in the “brain candy” category because a reader gets exactly what the book looks like it will deliver: continuous action covering a loose plot.


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