“Noisy Night, ‘Unholy Night'” – And Other Things We Didn’t Know About Bethlehem

Going into “Unholy Night” I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading two other novels by this author.  I loved “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” but was not impressed with “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” so this book had a 50/50 shot.  Ultimately, “Unholy Night” was an unholy hot mess.  The writing was not as good as “Abraham” and the story was slow.  I will admit that the premise that the three wise men were criminals who fall begrudgingly into escorting Mary and Joseph from Bethlehem to Egypt was creative.  Filled with plenty of action and gore, the three wise men live up to this new twist.  But I want to like the protagonists, and here it was hard.  I stopped reading it about halfway through because I thought the plot was a little thin, and if you have even the vaguest recollection of Jesus’ flight, the book was a bit redundant.  Unlike “Abraham” the story of Jesus’ birth didn’t allow the author to stray far enough to put a fresh spin on this well-known story.  Frankly, there just wasn’t enough going on to make it any different from reading the bible.  I think this would have been really entertaining to someone a bit more serious about religion.  For the rest of us, this was a story we could skip.


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