“Hemingway’s Girl” Brings Key West To Life

I would highly recommend “Hemingway’s Girl”th to anyone who, like me, loves to read and appreciates literature. The author’s love of Papa seeped through the book in a manner that captured Hemingway in a seemingly accurate and enjoyable way. Robuck managed to catapult the story off of Hemingway’s novels by cleverly weaving his characters and settings into the plot of her own novel. The heroine, Mariella, was the perfect combination of strength and frailty, keeping her an interesting, yet truthful character as she struggles to hold her family together after the death of her father. Filled with strong characters, the novel presented several subplots that all merged together seamlessly to create a captivating story that evoked the spirit of Key West in the Depression era.

I instantly felt compassion for Mariella and wanted only the best for her. Robuck created such an intense connection between Mariella and both Hemingway and WWII vet, Gavin Murray, that I wasn’t sure which man I wanted her to end up with! The sexual tension between Hemingway and Mariella was palpable and kept mem glued to the story. There were enough interactions between the characters to make the progression of their feelings believable, with each scene moving the plot forward at the perfect speed. In this respect, nothing about the dialogue was over done. By creating a love triangle on top of several other plot aspects, the novel presented an interesting and intelligent story. This could also be attributable to Robuck’s writing style, which was vivid and real. The sea air wafted off the pages, and I felt I travel through the town with each character. I was somewhat worried that the boxing element would overpower this novel, and was pleasantly surprised when it appeared as a backdrop rather than a focus.

This was an excellent book to read in the sun and near the water. I highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested in Hemingway or craving a love story with action.


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