“The Ship Of Brides” Is Sinking Fast

thIf the cover of “The Ship Of Brides” evokes a joyous journey of young brides traveling on a ship headed from Australia to England, think again.  There were good characters and the making of an interesting story lurking below deck, but the execution was horrible.  The writing was too rigid and filled with dull conversations between the characters, who were all catty and unlikable, with the exception of Frances.  I was really disappointed with this novel since I really enjoyed Moyes’ other novel, “The Last Letter From Your Lover.”  I barely believed this was the same writer.  I was hardly able to make it through the first 75 pages, which was extremely boring and didn’t add much to the story.  I could tell that the author spent a great deal of effort on the details of this novel, which lead to a book that was too factually accurate rather than one that was a compelling fictional story.  If I could have thrown this book overboard, I would have.


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