“Drowning Ruth” Will Spring Decades Of Secrets And Lies

th“Drowning Ruth” was a plot layered upon itself that culminated in a stunning ending.  Overall, this was a surprisingly good novel. It started off a little slow, mainly because in the first few chapters, the reader lacks the foresight to understand the significance of the story being told.  This is a hard book to describe because the plot line doesn’t do justice to the deeper meaning of the events taking place. Basically, Amanda goes to live on her family’s farm to care for her niece after the death of her sister.  That sounds totally boring, and only with each passing chapter does the plot become more clear, culminating in a stunning ending that made the entire book worthy of a read.

The author puts in place events that collided together in a thought-provoking way.  With themes of duty and love cloaked in secrecy, the truthful characters tell a tale that is gripping.  The characters’ actions are deliberate and motivated by emotional scars and actions of the past.  Amanda was a unique character because she embodied so much strength and yet so much weakness at the same time. Her decisions lay the foundation for the lives those around her will lead.  In this sense, she is a somewhat tragic protagonist because she never quite escapes from her past, which haunts her in every way possible.  The writing was exquisite and kept me glued to the book until the very last page.  One thing that bothered me about the format was that the point of view was constantly changing without any warning.  This happened frequently, and I always get a little thrown with this style.  But, by the second half of the book, the author had focused the viewpoints mainly on Ruth and Amanda, and the story became more cohesive.

Everything about this book is underrated.  Trust me when I say, it is well worth a read. I f you enjoy a solid plot with realistic characters you too will wish you had read this sooner.


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