“The Age Of Miracles” Can’t Slow Me Down

th-1“The Age Of Miracles” expands upon the frightening notion of what would happen if the earth suddenly slowed its obit around the sun.  The “slowing” causes havoc in a variety if ways as explained by the young protagonist, Julia.  The days start to lengthen, first by an hour, then by days, until sunlight stretches for more than 40 hours at a time.  Blackout shades are required for people to sleep, but the constant sunlight begins cause subtle changes to everyone’s personalities.  Society then breaks into two factions: those who follow “real time” and live by the sun and darkness, and those who maintain the 24 hour day.  The writing was good and Julia was endearing, making her an enjoyable character to follow.

Julia’s youth allows the reader to gain a simplistic perspective of life during the “slowing”.  The slowing changes gravity which then impacts the tides (sea life washes ashore), the air (birds cannot fly), and humans (disease and death are abundant).  Of course, with less light the crops die, resulting in a world-wide food shortage.  People act differently, which is highlighted each day Julia goes to school.  Her schoolyard friends suddenly are disinterested in her and they don’t connect as they used to.  Despite the trauma surrounding her, Julia manages to crush on Seth Moreno. This puppy love is cute but juvenile.  The idea behind the novel would hold the attention of a mature audience, but the focus of the story is geared for the young adult population.

While I enjoyed the novel, at the end, I realized there hadn’t been any real climax.  The story was interesting but I was underwhelmed by the fact that life just continued on.  This book appeared on so many best book lists of 2012 that I expected a little more.  It was entertaining, but this was certainly not one of the best books I’ve read.

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