Don’t Get Caught In The “Blackberry Winter” Storm

th “Blackberry Winter” should be buried in the snow storm at the center of the novel. From the first few pages I knew this would be a challenging book to read, and it was. I am so tired of these female protagonists who have a miscarriage and are then so distraught that they can’t work, can’t have any friends, and need to get a divorce. Its just too exaggerated. I was willing to give that aspect a chance to develop, but the plot was just as ridiculous. The premise is that depressed Claire returns to work after her miscarriage and is assigned to write a story about a snow storm that took place in the same city 80 years ago, which is also the night a young boy disappears. Journalist turned sleuth? Please. I have liked all of Jio’s other books, but this was the worst yet. The characters and dialogue were so generic that it was annoying to read. I would skip this one.


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