Led Astray By “The Light Between Oceans”

thI was really excited to read “The Light Between Oceans” and I think my anticipation might have killed any momentum the book could have had. The plot was exactly as I anticipated, but the execution was not that exciting. When a boat washes up on the beach where lighthouse operator Tom and his wife, Isabel, live at the exact time she has a miscarriage, the actions of the characters are a bit predictable. Isabel wants to keep the baby and Tom doesn’t, and their characters are then marked by that decision. Their love story was not that interesting, and I found the writing never evoked any legitimate emotion. Even the interactions between Tom and Isabel after they discover the baby has a mother was flat. I was disappointed with the flat plot and obvious character choices. I would characterize this book as just average.

Has your excitement over a book left you wanting more? Tell me which book you couldn’t wait to read that disappointed you.


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