“The Dew Breaker” – Husband, Father, Torture Master

thBased on the description, I anticipated “The Dew Breaker” to actually be about a man who once inflicted torture on others. This was not what the book was about at all. Rather, through flashbacks of multiple people, the novel examined the past of a man that he had hidden from his daughter. In this way, the book reminded me of a lesser version of “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats.” The novel begins by following a woman who has sold a sculpture of her father. In the middle of the night, her father destroys the sculpture, and then tries to explain to his daughter his reasons for doing so. But by the middle of the novel, the story was a little hard to follow. The perspective change rapidly without identifying who was narrating the story for pages. I would describe the storyline and characters as okay. There wasn’t anything special about anyone that really held my interest. Had the writing not been so easy and manageable, the slower plot would have prompted me to stop reading. This is a book I might pick up another time now that I know what I’m getting into, and how it is formatted. Thanks to my sister Andrea bought this book for me, so I can try it again any time!


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